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Cutting Edge Tech Conference Comes To Grand Rapids
BarCamp brings together West Michigan's technology leaders

August 6, 2009, Grand Rapids, Mich. - BarCamp Grand Rapids, inspired by the Silicon Valley event that rocked the emerging technology world with its audacity and success, will take place on August 21-22 at Calvin College.

The original Palo Alto BarCamp was born out of frustration with the stifling atmosphere of most conferences. In a bold move, the founders decided to hold an "unconference" and let the attendees decide the schedule and topics to be presented. The organizers provided only a venue, a blank schedule board, and some overhead projectors: attendees were responsible for creating all the content, giving all the presentations, and having all the fun. The experiment was a resounding success, and BarCamps in Toronto, Amsterdam, and New York City soon followed. BarCamp Grand Rapids continues this proud tradition, for the fourth year running.

"BarCamp is an awesome event for meeting new people; a chance to talk with and learn from them," said Dave Brondsema, a BarCamp organizer. "I enjoy meeting local technology & design professionals and seeing what a rich ecosystem we have in West MI," added Jason Porritt, another organzier. "A lot of interesting work is being done here and BarCamp is a great opportunity to interact with the people doing it."

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Press Contacts:

Kyle Adams
(231) 557-2891

Dave Brondsema
(616) 648-1191