From BarCampGR
  • email Calvin College about details (Laura, Mike, Kelly)
  • make list of groups to email (copy from last year) (Ben)
  * start emailing them
  • add registrations to mailing list (Dave)
  • food
  • place hat order
  • cash box to hold hat $
  • Seed cash for change for hat purchases
  • make sure after party is reserved


  * Find a designer
  * Approve design
  * Order shirts by early Aug
  * Pick up t-shirts from Holland
  * Bring t-shirts to BarCampGR
  • Session grid (Ben)
  • Print session grid (Ben)
  • Pint digital session grid instructions and QRCode (Ben)
  • Digital session grid (Ben)
  • Bring markers and tape to BarCampGR (Ben)
  • print room signs welcome signs
  • misc supplies (Markers for name tags, tape, etc)
  • print name badges
  • reminder emails with details
  • figure out how to place sponsor banners (strong tape?) clamps, in case sponsors bring big banners
  • table covers for registration tables


  • Find sponsors
  • Collect money and send to SoftwareGR
  • Secure and print sponsor logos