From BarCampGR
Name Contact Address Announcement Sent (Date and Initials) Notes
campers@ list campers/at/ Initial blast - June 8 TW Again August 6 - TW
West Michigan .NET User's Group The original website is dead, updated to their Meetup page. Asked for them if it would be appropriate to post to their group - TW, August 6
GRPUG - Grand Rapids Python Users Group August 6 - TW
GRLUG - Grand Rapids Linux Users Group August 6 - TW
GR-JUG - Grand Rapids Java Users Group August 6 - TW
GRWebDev I asked for them to post about it - TW August 8
WMNTUG - West Michigan NT Users Group
SoftwareGR info/at/
Michigan Ruby User's Group
Facebook homepage
Ubuntu Michigan LoCo
WMLUG - West Michigan Linux Users Group Request for post sent - August 6 TW
The Geek Group
West Michigan Small Business Technology User Group I think this group is dead. Website is not maintained ( / of their webserver times out, had to fish around for the functioning link to their site: /Pages/default.aspx (updated)).
Grand Rapids Testers List looks dead - August 6 TW August 6 - TW Also hit /r/Michigan - I can't because of their 10-1 rule and I'm not active enough to not get kicked for a BarCamp blast - TW It would seem that my account is too new to add a conference - August 6 TW
BarCampGR SubReddit August 6 - TW Reminder post
BarCampGR Google+ Page
Grand Rapids Cisco Users Group
Grand Rapids Inventors Network
AIGA West Michigan
Design West MI
DevOps West MI
Friendly Code Website is dead? "Coming soon" - August 6 TW
The Factory
Grand Rapids Slack Many times, most recently August 6 - TW