From BarCampGR

The prospective menu:

  • Friday dinner: Papa John's pizzas, salad, and breadsticks
  • Saturday morning: Continental breakfast (ordered from Marketplace)
  • Saturday lunch: Subway party sub

The budget: $500

The estimated prices:

  • Papa John's: $100
  • Subway: $75
  • Everything else (primarily GFS Marketplace): $250
  • Office supplies: $50
  • TOTAL: $475

To do:

  • Call Papa John's and nail down a price for pizzas
  • Decide whether pizzas are economically viable (yup, we're good)
    • if not, contact Prof. Adams about checking with security for use of stoves
  • Call Subway and determine final price on party sub
  • Head to Marketplace and work through planning on breakfast and snacks, determine price (approx. $220 for snacks + side courses + paperware + beverages; in other words, everything but the pizzas and subs)
  • Head to office supply and get necessary supplies
  • Make a decision about foods based on the prices
    • Get pizzas + breadsticks from PJs
    • Get sub from Subway