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Saturday Dinner: Pizzas from Papa Johns (maybe?). Details still being worked out. Saturday Breakfast: Food from GFS. See the info about ordering from GFS below. Saturday Lunch: Party Subs from Subway. Snacks and Drinks: From GFS and Biggby Coffee


Generally we've been able to get the food at reduced costs from Subway and Biggby, thanks to Casey DuBois.

Ordering from GFS

Contact: Eric Venlet, assistant manager. Eric has helped us with previous years and as a CS guy is familiar with BarCamp itself.

Each year we've been refining the food we get from GFS; by now we've got it down pretty well. The File:BarCampMenuWizard.pdf lists the food and quantities for ~100 registrants (which means we plan on 75 people for any particular meal). To order, simply fax the PDF (see the example coversheet in said PDF) to the Cascade Marketplace. They will pull most of the order for pickup at 4:30 PM on Friday, with the remaining order for pickup at 8:30 AM on Saturday. Be sure to include any changes in quantities and other notes you want in the fax coversheet, along with your contact info in case they have questions. Occasionally item numbers change (for example, when GFS picks up a different brand of brownies) so the list may change a bit from year to year. The quantity of food is big enough that the person picking it up should have a fair amount of cargo space, but not so big that an SUV, minivan, or full-sized sedan couldn't handle it. You'll also need to work out who's going to pay for the order at the initial pickup on Friday.

Note: now that we're part of a non-profit, we should see about getting that organization setup with Marketplace so that we can get any non-profit discounts they offer.


Most things were the right amount for our turnout (90 fri night; about the same saturday?)


  • some items weren't stocked by GFS any more (diet mt dew and starburst-like candy)
  • more candy
  • get salad & dressings to go with pizza
  • less milk
  • lots more plates
  • extra paper/plasticware in general
  • paper towels / napkins
  • chips & salsa weren't eaten much; I think too difficult to do when you're standing & walking around