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Name Contact Address Announcement Sent (Date and Initials) Notes
Twitter continuous updates
campers@ list campers/at/ 7/26/11 - DB
Michigan!/usr/group BLR 8/5/11 - via friend
MDLUG Defunct?
Washtenaw Linux User's Group
West Michigan .NET User's Group
Greater Lansing .NET User's Group
Grand Rapids Perl Mongers DLH 8/5/2011
Joomla Grand Rapids
GRPUG - Grand Rapids Python Users Group BLR 8/5/11
GRLUG - Grand Rapids Linux Users Group BLR 8/5/11
GR-JUG - Grand Rapids Java Users Group Aug 4, DB
gr web dev Aug 5, DB, BLR
WMNTUG - West Michigan NT Users Group BLR 8/5/11
GR Drupal private email address
SoftwareGR info@
Michigan Ruby User's Group
Facebook continuous updates - brousch
Calvin College's abs-chat
GRAMUG - Grand Rapids Area Macintosh Users Group
eventful homepage DB, Aug 5
West Michigan Association of Information Technology Professionals
GRAFUG - Grand Rapids Area FoxPro User Group
West Michigan Oracle User's Group
LLUG No contact info on site.
West MI Novell UG Site offline?
Michigan Flex User Group
WGD Forum of West Michigan
Ubuntu Michigan LoCo BLR 8/5/11
WMLUG - West Michigan Linux Users Group
Northern Michigan .NET Users Group No contact info on site.
The Geek Group BLR 8/5/11 - forums
West Michigan Small Business Technology User Group BLR 8/5/11
Western Michigan University Computer Club The email is a small alias for the club's current officers; from there, an officer will forward the information along to their own internal mailing list.
Grand Rapids Testers BLR 8/5/11 Aug 5, DB Aug 15, DB

Sample Announcement Template for 2011:

I thought this event might be of interest to some of your group
members. Thank you for passing this announcement along.


Rule #1 of BarCamp: you DO talk about BarCamp.

We're proud to announce Grand Rapids' sixth BarCamp. BarCamp is a technology & design unconference where the campers (you) determine what's on the schedule. This ad-hoc unconference is an intense event with discussions, demos, and a chance to interact with fellow attendees. Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to participate.

Although most of the talks are about computers and programming, we've also had talks topics like home brewing beer, lasers, startups, and management. There's really no telling what will be talked about - it's up to you to and your fellow campers!  

If you've been to BarCampGR in the past, you know how great it is. Well this year we have a few new things to make it even more awesome.

Online Session Grid
Don't worry, we're not getting rid of the trusty old paper and marker session grid you've grown to love. We're just adding to it. We'll have a URL you can visit on your computer or smartphone to see a picture of the session grid without having to crowd into the hallway. We may even have an Android app!

Wall of Groups
One wall will be set aside as a place to hang up a letter-sized poster for a group you represent. If you lead a user group, technical group, or just a group that you think might appeal to BarCampers, bring along a letter-sized poster to hang on the wall. You will probably want to include contact information so interested campers can join up. There will also be a place to list groups you'd be interested in joining, but that don't exist yet.

Book Swap
This year we're having a book swap and donation. Bring exactly 2 technical books to BarCamp and leave them on the designated table. You can then pick 1 or 0 books from the table some time before you leave. Those books remaining at the end of BarCamp will be donated to the local library system for all of the up-and-coming geeks to enjoy.

WHEN: Friday evening, August 19 and Saturday, August 20, 2011

WHERE: DeVos Communications Center, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI

COST: Free! But everyone is encouraged to present something and be involved, even if you've never given a talk before.

WHAT: ??? -- ultimately each camper has an opportunity to help determine the content.

You can register and find out more information about BarCamp Grand Rapids at, or about BarCamps in general at