From BarCampGR


  • food (Kyle A, Casey)
    • GFS Friday (Ben)
    • Biggby Saturday AM (Ben)
    • GFS Saturday AM (Ben)
    • Subway - delivery (Dave)
  • place hat order (Mike)
  • cash box to hold hat $ (Mike)
  • Seed cash for change for hat purchases (Dave)
  • make sure after party is reserved (collective idea @ uccello's?) (Casey)
  • place tshirt order - Aug 1 (Dave)
  • Pick up tshirts from Holland (Dave)
  • tshirt design sent - Aug 5 (Kyle A)
  • email Calvin College about details (Dave)
  • make list of groups to email (copy from last year)
    • start emailing them
  • print session grid, room signs (named after sponsors), welcome sign (Casey)
  • tape for session grid - affix to bare brick (Ben)
  • misc supplies (markers, big sheets of paper)
  • session grid app (Ben, Kyle M)
  • print name badges (Casey)
  • add registrations to mailing list (Dave)
  • reminder emails with details (Dave, Ben)
  • make sure we have sponsor logos, print others (Casey)
  • figure out how to place sponsor banners (strong tape?) (Ben)
  • clamps, in case sponsors bring big banners (Ben)
  • table covers for registration tables (Dave)
  • pick up stuff from Casey (Dave)