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BarCampGrandRapids was so great we're doing it again! See BarCampGrandRapids2 for our upcoming event in Summer 2007.


Below is information about the 2006 BarCampGrandRapids


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Event details

BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees, usually centered around technology topics. If you're not familiar with what BarCamp is, I'd recommend reading the rules.

| Who | Anyone and everyone in Grand Rapids, MI (and surrounding areas) who loves design and/or technology | | When | Friday evening, Aug 18 and Saturday, Aug 19, BarCampGrandRapids1Schedule | | Where | Science Building, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI | | Cost | Free! But come ready to present something and be involved! |

There will be plenty of room to crash on Friday night, so bring a sleeping bag. Better yet, bring a tent for the geek base camp.


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Potential Sessions

What are you interested in? What are you an expert in? Is there something in the tech world that your co-workers are sick and tired of hearing you rave about?

  • <font> is Evil -- Kyle Adams
  • Easy Java Ajax with DWR -- Kyle Adams
  • PGP Keysigning -- Dave Brondsema
  • Web Framework Smackdown (Rails (Ruby) vs. JSF (Java) vs. Django (Python) vs. Cake/Symfony/Zend (PHP) vs. WebForms (.NET))
  • Clustering and supercomputers on the cheap
  • UI design
  • Lightning Talks (5 minutes)
  • Demos
  • SOA with Open Source -- Dan Diephouse
  • Things I hate about Web 2.0 -- Dan Diephouse
  • Things I love about Web 2.0
  • How to Start an Open Source Project and/or Company -- Dan Diephouse
  • Zen of Presenting
  • Fun With Mentos and Pepsi
  • Microformats
  • Ruby on Rails (and friends) vs. Java
  • Organizing your photos -- Dave Brondsema
  • Filtering email with Konfidi -- Dave Brondsema
  • Lifehack with Backpack -- AJ Penninga
  • Getting Things Done
  • Overview of Higher-order Perl (book by Mark Jason Dominus)
  • Blogging with Wordpress
  • Ethics & Computers
  • Test Driven Development -- Carlus Henry
  • Blogging and Podcast Roundup -- Carlus Henry
  • eCommerce & Small Business -- Jeff DeMaagd
  • Laser machining & parts design -- Jeff DeMaagd
  • Video Equipment & Technology - Jeff DeMaagd
  • Programming Horror Stories (open session around the imaginary campfire)
  • Fun with Geo - Andy Turner


Have a look at the BarCampGrandRapids1Planning page for more info.

Next time (?!)

  • Use lav mics for video recording
  • Clearly state name & topic before starting presentation
  • Timekeeper authority
  • Open Spaces