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Who Anyone in Grand Rapids, MI (and surrounding areas) who loves technology or design.
When Friday evening, July 20 and Saturday, July 21. See the schedule for more information.
Where Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI -- North Hall, 2nd Floor (see the map)
Cost Free! But everyone is encouraged to present something and be involved, even if you're never given a talk before.

Event tag: barcampgrandrapids2

There will be plenty of room to crash on Friday night, so bring a sleeping bag. Better yet, bring a tent for the geek base camp.


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Possible Topics

This list is subject to change, and subject to time, audience and presenter interest.

  • Programming Language demos, Ruby, Python, etc.
  • Technology & Small Business
  • eCommerce redux by JeffDeMaagd
  • DesignEyeForTheItGuy by KyleAdams
  • Laser fabrication & design by JeffDeMaagd
  • The jQuery JavaScript Library by Karl Swedberg and Jonathan Chaffer
  • Future of communication: facebook, sms, jabber, twitter, email? by Dave Brondsema
  • Testing your web page with Selenium
  • Discussion: offline web applications: Adobe AIR, Google Gears, Silverlight, etc
  • IndustrialAutomationForTheComputerEnthusiast by MattMichielsen