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This is the planning page for BarCampGrandRapids1. Feel free to refactor if you feel any aspects of planning need their own page.

Task List

Technical (Point: Dave Brondsema)

  • Hardware Needs
    • ethernet cables
    • switches
    • power strips
    • printer?
    • file server?
  • Hardware Setup
  • Signs (coordinate with Kyle)
    • Check-in station
    • Schedule wall
    • Rooms (or will Calvin's room signage be adequate?)
    • Maps for NH 2nd floor showing which rooms we have use of--to be posted around the floor
    • Welcome sign for posting outside NH (should also have cellphone #s for letting people in)


  • Create registration page
  • wireless network access points
    • 7 acquired

Logistics (Point: Kyle Adams)

  • Finalize venue questions
    • Check on issue of alcohol
  • Get volunteers for setup/cleanup
  • BarCampGrandRapids1Food
  • General schedule (see BarCampGrandRapids1Schedule)
  • Presentation grid
    • Giant post-its for session wall
    • create one w/ 30 minute tracks
    • Friday evening & Saturday morning: beginning session
  • Misc
    • Create badges (may help with Security?)
    • Get check-in desk and highlighter
    • Have paper and big fat Sharpies for instant, on-spot sign making


  • Recruit more organizers/assistants
  • Email list
    • send two emails
      • E-mail #1
      • E-mail #2
    • remind people to sign up
    • suggestions for presentations & hardware needs
    • discuss camping options
    • give directions, parking info, map to NH, location of check-in desk
  • Publicity
  • Sponsorship

Last Minute Emergencies

Emergencies go so much smoother if they're planned in advance.